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Time of Birth Chart

Time of Birth

Like many other Western Numerology and Astrology systems, the “Power of Numbers” (PON) system has its limits too.

It does not make any logical sense to say that different people born on the same day will have similar characteristics and behaviors. Yes, they may have inhabited similar traits, but not everyone’s character is identical. Social lifestyle, the environment and birth’s place, our habits, family upbringing, and even the Seasonal changes do affect and influence our traits as well.

The energies do play an important part in controlling the overall influences of the life. Though the day of birth is critical, the energy levels at the time of birth are much higher and do influence the overall vibrations.

Now, for the first time, I am happy to share with you a unique method of plotting the Time of Birth chart where you can incorporate into your analysis, based on my research.

The Time of Birth Chart provides another clue to the person’s characteristics and other influences. The characteristics and traits are present. However, the accuracy depends much on an individual’s exposure to the external environment and social influence.

Plotting the Time of Birth chart would only be possible if you know the person’s birth time. Otherwise, you cannot use this chart to analyze as the results may be confusing and wrong.

Get a copy of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” for more details on how you can plot the Time of Birth chart.

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Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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